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26 Oct

Since I have picked up my knitting needles again, I have made progress on Eve’s Hooded Scarf. I am not a fast knitter, nor do I spend hours at any one time on one project. However, I feel that this time I am learning a lot about the process and new techniques. I am not sure if I will end up wearing the scarf/hat, but it is more of an experiment and a learning process. Let’s see if I make it through the entire thing, I am almost done!

I have found my #1 school for my Master’s degree in anthropology. It is at CU in Denver, Colorado, and I could specialize in sustainable development and with an emphasis in food consumption. Food has one of the biggest impacts on the environment, and I want to be involved in educating people about the negative impacts of their own dietary habits. There are two professors at this school that I really want to study under, and identifying them in my personal statement will be an advantage for me (I think). I am not going to apply until next fall, because I picked up another minor to stay in Mankato with the boyfriend. I can graduate this May, but I decided to stick around and wait for him to finish.


perfect day

25 Oct

It is 50 degrees outside, after being briskfully chilly/rainy the past week, the weather could not seem more perfect. I began making tomato soup for lunch, thinking that it would accompany a chilly day quite well. However, after I took out some recyclables, I realized that I something else might have fit better. It was still delicious, because I make a mean tomato soup. I included some of the great tomato sauce I pureed/cooked the other night making it ridiculously easy-peasy.

I am spending most of the afternoon and early evening at the campus library working on a paper due on Monday. It is on the environmental problems/policies Mexico is facing. I intend to focus on how many of their problems (aside from air pollution) stem from the United States. There was a frightening NOW with Bill Moyers that I saw in a Sustainable Communities course, from the early 1990s about US corporations dumping caustic chemicals in Mexico. It is significantly cheaper to ship their toxic and solid waste to Mexico, than to safely dispose of it in the United States. Some of these chemicals come from batteries, and the acid has ended up in surface waters burning children who play in stagnant water.

So, this paper should end up being woefully depressing, but most of my papers tend to go that way. My capstone/senior project is going to be super fun, but will end up probably being alarming. More on that one in another post. I also need to study for a history exam that is on Wednesday, and study for an Osteology quiz.

i might be out on a limb here

23 Oct

But have any of you noticed Palin’s change in accent when she is in certain situations? It seems that when she is speaking directly to the public, her accent is extremely pronounced “since like the second ger-ade.” or when she is being interviewed by Brian Williams…btw, what was up with that? Body language, do they EVEN like each other? Anyway, her accent seems phoney and played up when she wants to sound all “folksy”, whatever that means. I guess, I am one of those real Americans in part because I am from a smallish town, but I live in a blue state and have really liberal values. So, what does that make me? A halfsie American..where does my other citizenship lie, Palin? I’d like to know.

And speaking of limb, (warning, low blow) are McCain’s arms shorter than McConaughey’s?

My Mother is a Public Enemy song.

23 Oct

My mother has always been a staunch supporter of workers rights, and has been actively involved in her union for many years. She also is very pro-choice, and in support of providing (equal) health care for women including contraception. Her middle class values are very lock and step with someone who should support Obama, but she is afraid of the other. This time the other is “black men”. We talked on the phone today for a brief time about the election, before she started screaming, crying, and eventually hung up on me. We’ve never had disagreements about politics in the past, except when I stated that I like Kucinich, and she thought he was a just a little too left. Or maybe those years when I was vegan in high school, or maybe that other time when I brought home minority friends…but other than THAT we agree on most things. So, I’ve always known that she has racist ideology, but I did not realize that she cast a vote for someone who is so counter-productive to everything she stands for. I would rather she just stayed home. Everything she said about Obama was fundamentally wrong, so blantantly fueled by the fear machine that is Fox News and O’reilly.  I still love my mother, but I fear for her sanity.

I might be a little too awesome

23 Oct

There is no school tomorrow, and if I weren’t perpetually broke I might celebrate with a couple of beers.  Alas, I am going to previously mentioned potluck and bringing vegetable curry with rice. A beer does sound really, really good. Beer, must keep mind off the tempting libation.

cooking for a pain in the ass

22 Oct

Why do I always have to participate in potlucks that end up being a rather pain in my arse? I love going to potlucks, but around here I tend to be very disappointed in what others bring. Tomorrow we are having a potluck for the anthropology club, and I am thinking that it will be more of a bother than its worth. I love potlucks were everyone contributes equally, and nobody is the jerk that brings a bag of chips. Yes, home-made salsa or guacamole can be a great addition to any potluck, but bring something besides chips! Especially when one person is spending hours on a dish, and you should up with a lousy bag of corn tortilla chips. For the potluck tomorrow, I think only one other person is bringing an entree; the rest are cookies, chips, and maybe a salad. Should I make my veggie curry or just be a jerk? Potlucks back home are always a treat, and I don’t get they suck so bad here. Maybe it is because most students cannot or care to cook, and so it is easy to dazzle them with something relatively easy-peasy to prepare like hummus (which I’ve been told I make the best ever) or curries.

knitting help

22 Oct

So, I’ve recently picked up my knitting needles again and have been working on my first project that I think I might actually finish. But…I have run into a little problem with the pattern, and I am calling upon you to help me figure it out. Eve’s hooded scarf is a pattern easily found on the internet, and it seemed like a perfect project for someone who hasn’t knitted in a really long time, nor really moved past the ‘beginner’ stage. I’ve got the scarf part down, and am about to make the 3 inch slit for sliding one side through the other..After that, I work the scarf a little more, bind off and begin on the hood portion. This is where I get confused…

The pattern reads:’Fold scarf in half to identify, as closely as possible, the center edge stitch (on either side – it doesn’t matter which one). Mark with a safety pin.
Place a safety pin in the 24th slipped edge stitch to the right of the marked stitch, and place another safety pin in the 24th slipped edge stitch to the left of the marked stitch. Remove the center safety pin. With the right side of the fabric facing, and using a new strand of yarn, pick up and knit 49 stitches (an odd number) between the two safety pins (pick up one stitch in each slipped edge stitch, starting and ending in the pinned stitches).’

How do I pick up a stick that I’ve bound off? I just figured out of most of my questions carefully reading, and this the one question that I am left with.