good god!

15 Oct

Instead of drilling in ANWR, which would the Republicans grossly over estimated the area’s amount of oil during the 1980’s and 1990’s, we should require Auto companies to greatly increase fuel efficiency. Ruining a vital eco-system (yes, its not beautiful by Denali standards, but it is a highly sensitive eco-system..) for 200 days worth of oil (at current consumption rates)? Is it worth it? Subsequently, the first time the standards started to decrease was in the 1980s, under Reagan, because pressure and regulation decreased. Why not promote positive urban planning allowing people to move their asses? It is no wonder that I rarely saw obese individuals in San Fran, but out here in the midwest it is a plague. People move around there. Cars are a pain in the ass; bicycles and feet provide access to public transportation.

McCain is fumbling on this Colombian crap. If anyone knows anything about labor it is Obama..Did you see McCain’s face when he mentioned labor? You could see his spine curdle.


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