my friends, debate coverage

15 Oct

Hopefully, the tax credit for small businesses who create full time jobs, will promote green jobs. Joe the Plummer, has replaced Joe Six Pack? Nice one, McCain. For your information, I would receive only a thirteen dollar tax decrease under McCain, and over 700 from Obama. Who would spend the money better to directly flow back into the economy: me or someone who makes over 250,000? I would spend it immediately, buying groceries, and other necessities.

McCain, ahem, that may be true about the US having highest rate of corporate taxes? BUT…you fail to account for all the loopholes and tax shelters? I agree with Joe Biden, paying taxes is the patriotic thing to do, pay your fair share! Small businesses do not have access to these loopholes, and are paying more than their fair share. Corporations make their money off of the backs of individuals/the workers, and often adversely affect the American people. Harumph!

Quit misrepresenting the facts: 3 million dollars went to repair the entire system in the planetarium. Another score for Obama, because McCain voted for it too!

The difference in supporters is completely different. I am not trying to downplay ageism, but the blatant racist and anti-Muslim remarks are deplorable. *cough* Florida ’00 and ’04 election tactics anyone? Same party, same politics. Voter registration fraud is not nearly as big of an abomination as actually seeking to prevent individuals from voting. I am so excited the Obama is talking about Acorn, and representing them for the organization that they truly are. Not terrorists. Sure, they hired people to register people to vote; yes, those people misrepresented who they were registering, but its not Acorn’s fault. It is the private individual’s.


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