moving on up

18 Oct

I moved out of my place with my boyfriend last January, wanting to live by myself for the first time in my adult life. Little did I know that this would drain nearly all of my money out of me, and cause more stress than I had anticipated. After spending the summer in San Francisco, and having almost a year to myself, I decided it would be best to move back in with him. My landlord was surprisingly agreeable, even though my lease was not up until January. He’s already found someone to move in tomorrow, and so my rent will be prorated by per diem until the 19th, so less than a month! I should have my finances in order shortly, and things are looking bright after a couple of months of bad news.

We have all the furniture moved over, but most of it is in the living room. After moving 2 couches (we gave his beat up one away), a dresser, bookshelf, an armchair, desk, and boxes upon boxes I am exhausted. Alas, I must keep on, because I cannot live in a disaster area.

Lola (the cat) has been very curious throughout all of this, and is very glad to be out of the bathroom. We locked her in there while we had the front door open so that she would not escape, like all kitties tend to do. I think she is glad to have me back.


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