ridin’ in my oh four

18 Oct

So, I ride a bike to get me a round town on most days. I purchased a new car in 2007 that gets spectacular gas mileage, but almost everything I need is within a mile’s distance, and biking just makes sense. Sometimes biking isn’t as practical as I would like it to be, but if I only need an item or two from the grocer, then I am very likely to bike it. However, I do not resist driving all the time; I’ll admit that I have lazy days, and I will not feel guilty for them. A friend of mine insists he takes the high road, because he has several bicycles and no cars. Yet, he jumps at the chance for a ride in the car, when he is feeling sluggish or tired. He even borrows other friends’ cars to run errands or what have you. I see nothing wrong with this, but he chastises people with cars every time I see him!

I have made countless changes in my life to lessen my impact on this planet; I sometimes slip up but I am not going to wallow in my mistakes. So, if I want to drive my car to stock up on groceries, don’t challenge me on this. I know this is a cop-out, but I feel that I am doing more than most in my situation. At least I keep canvas bags in my car, so that when that necessary trip arises, I will be prepared. The most significant change that I have made in my life was to give up meat entirely, which we all know has devastating effects on the environment. Eventually I plan to weed out animal products entirely. If I slip up with that, and accidentally eat something with an animal by-product, I won’t beat myself up over it like I did when I was vegan in high school. These things happen, accidents happen, or sometimes our judgment slips and we make poor decisions. Maybe this post was a way of telling myself to stop beating myself up over mistakes, challenges lost, etc..


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