cooking for a pain in the ass

22 Oct

Why do I always have to participate in potlucks that end up being a rather pain in my arse? I love going to potlucks, but around here I tend to be very disappointed in what others bring. Tomorrow we are having a potluck for the anthropology club, and I am thinking that it will be more of a bother than its worth. I love potlucks were everyone contributes equally, and nobody is the jerk that brings a bag of chips. Yes, home-made salsa or guacamole can be a great addition to any potluck, but bring something besides chips! Especially when one person is spending hours on a dish, and you should up with a lousy bag of corn tortilla chips. For the potluck tomorrow, I think only one other person is bringing an entree; the rest are cookies, chips, and maybe a salad. Should I make my veggie curry or just be a jerk? Potlucks back home are always a treat, and I don’t get they suck so bad here. Maybe it is because most students cannot or care to cook, and so it is easy to dazzle them with something relatively easy-peasy to prepare like hummus (which I’ve been told I make the best ever) or curries.


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