i might be out on a limb here

23 Oct

But have any of you noticed Palin’s change in accent when she is in certain situations? It seems that when she is speaking directly to the public, her accent is extremely pronounced “since like the second ger-ade.” or when she is being interviewed by Brian Williams…btw, what was up with that? Body language, do they EVEN like each other? Anyway, her accent seems phoney and played up when she wants to sound all “folksy”, whatever that means. I guess, I am one of those real Americans in part because I am from a smallish town, but I live in a blue state and have really liberal values. So, what does that make me? A halfsie American..where does my other citizenship lie, Palin? I’d like to know.

And speaking of limb, (warning, low blow) are McCain’s arms shorter than McConaughey’s?


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