My Mother is a Public Enemy song.

23 Oct

My mother has always been a staunch supporter of workers rights, and has been actively involved in her union for many years. She also is very pro-choice, and in support of providing (equal) health care for women including contraception. Her middle class values are very lock and step with someone who should support Obama, but she is afraid of the other. This time the other is “black men”. We talked on the phone today for a brief time about the election, before she started screaming, crying, and eventually hung up on me. We’ve never had disagreements about politics in the past, except when I stated that I like Kucinich, and she thought he was a just a little too left. Or maybe those years when I was vegan in high school, or maybe that other time when I brought home minority friends…but other than THAT we agree on most things. So, I’ve always known that she has racist ideology, but I did not realize that she cast a vote for someone who is so counter-productive to everything she stands for. I would rather she just stayed home. Everything she said about Obama was fundamentally wrong, so blantantly fueled by the fear machine that is Fox News and O’reilly.  I still love my mother, but I fear for her sanity.


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