perfect day

25 Oct

It is 50 degrees outside, after being briskfully chilly/rainy the past week, the weather could not seem more perfect. I began making tomato soup for lunch, thinking that it would accompany a chilly day quite well. However, after I took out some recyclables, I realized that I something else might have fit better. It was still delicious, because I make a mean tomato soup. I included some of the great tomato sauce I pureed/cooked the other night making it ridiculously easy-peasy.

I am spending most of the afternoon and early evening at the campus library working on a paper due on Monday. It is on the environmental problems/policies Mexico is facing. I intend to focus on how many of their problems (aside from air pollution) stem from the United States. There was a frightening NOW with Bill Moyers that I saw in a Sustainable Communities course, from the early 1990s about US corporations dumping caustic chemicals in Mexico. It is significantly cheaper to ship their toxic and solid waste to Mexico, than to safely dispose of it in the United States. Some of these chemicals come from batteries, and the acid has ended up in surface waters burning children who play in stagnant water.

So, this paper should end up being woefully depressing, but most of my papers tend to go that way. My capstone/senior project is going to be super fun, but will end up probably being alarming. More on that one in another post. I also need to study for a history exam that is on Wednesday, and study for an Osteology quiz.


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