november, when did that happen?

2 Nov

Where did October go? It flew by incredibly fast. I only have five more weeks of the semester, and I need to get a leg up on my project if I intend to finish it by the end of the school year. I am conducting a study on the foods people aged 25-35 eat, and doing a nutritional anaylys and historical comparison to other generations. I am also looking at the advent of the processed foods inudstry, but more from an anthropological perspective using theories and methodologies from the discipline to critique. This will be a culmination of my work in the department and *fingers crossed* benefit my graduate school application.

Halloween was fun, but fairly uneventful. My friends had a costume party, and I dressed up as a 60’s flight attendent. Thankfully, no one was was the slutty-anything, because it gets tired real fast. I think you can take any sort of occupation, and put trampy next to it and voila it is Halloween for 20 somethings. Played out, if you ask me.

In other news, we are dog sitting for the week. The cat has finally warmed up to him, as much as I expect her to. They have sniffed each other, and find each other worth ignoring. She’s been around other dogs before, but never in her own home. I think that is what is causing her to react so nastily towards him, but she’s easing up. We have him until Sunday, and I am expecting to find them sleeping together when no one is paying attention.

Tuesday is coming fast, and Wednesday I intend to feel much better about the shape of things to come. What about you? Can you feel change in the air? Or maybe thats just the disgusting news that the Bush administration is trying to de-regulate industry even further with <a href=”; target=”new”90 new rules</a>. Yeah, the environment so loves the Bush Administration. Good god, Tuesday cannot come soon enough!


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