back to basics

9 Nov

I have been doing yoga for the past three weeks, and I cannot express the difference I feel in my body. A few years ago I purchased a book called Total Yoga that has wondering descriptions of poses and the basics involved with incorporating practice into your life. It also has sequences that a perfect for different times of the day, or your own personal needs. Anyway, I never really read the book, or used it until about 3-4 weeks ago I decided that I wanted to pursue yoga again. There is a studio here, but they are ridiculously expensive, and so I’ve been practicing with my mat at home. I also utilize yoga journal tv where there are 20-30 video minute sequences. I’ve also utilized yogatic, especially the core strengthening series Esther. There have been a couple of days that I have taken a day off from practice, but mostly I have been doing yoga every day for at least half an hour.

In addition to yoga, I have been running, riding my bike, and walking a lot (I walk to school every day, which is a little over a mile each way). Needless to say, I have seen my body transform before my eyes. I started losing weight in January, and I peaked over the summer when I was in San Francisco and VERY active. However, now I am pretty much at a stable and healthy weight, and am more interested in toning and strengthening. I was a size petite 10 in most brands, and have gone down to a size 4 or 6 depending on the brand. Of course in Gap clothing I am much smaller than I am in others, sometimes even a 2 (how does that work!?). I cannot give enough credit to eating better and being a vegetarian, I have more energy, and get sick much less. Also, I cut out high fructose corn syrup almost entirely from my diet, except for the occasional Coca-Cola or rootbeer. Once that happened, the weight just pretty much fell off and so I’ve lost a little over thirty pounds without that much effort. So, there ya go, that’s how I’ve done it. My strategies are easily applicable to anyone’s lives, and I do reward myself with foods that might not be the best, but only in extreme moderation. Also, I still love chocolate, but eat better for me chocolate brands like Scharffen Berger who use quality ingredients and have amazingly tasty dark chocolate. Okay, now all this talk about yoga is making me want to practice.

What are your fitness/health strategies? Do you have any websites that I might have missed for yoga practice?


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