cultural revolution, i think i will pass..

10 Nov

Cultural Revolution is a brand of yogurt that I had never tried before. I usually get Stoneyfield Organics or Horizon and pack it with me to school for breakfast. I have been satisfied with the two brands, and had been eyeballing Cultural Revolution for a while, and when it finally went on sale I purchased three. I tried the blueberry one first, because it is usually my favorite flavor. It had a really pungent, non-pleasant flavor. I thought that maybe it had gone rancid. So, I just chocked that experience as being past its prime (although, it still had weeks to go on freshness). Unfazed I tried the strawberry, and it too was really, really, bad. So, I won’t be trying the third one, and am not going to ever buy this brand again. I will just stick with the two brands that have never failed me before.


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