adventures in bread making

12 Nov

I have my first loaf of bread rising in the kitchen, and I am nervous that it will not turn out. Anxiety has never been a strong suit of mine, but it has never applied to cooking or baking before. Maybe that’s because I have never baked bread before except for banana and zucchini breads, which lets face it, aren’t really breads. So, in an hour or so I will know if I have a complete abomination awaiting me, or something deliciously home-made. If it turns out you know can be sure that I will post the recipe here, which will be a cinnamon raisin bread of sorts. Yum. I’ve recently become addicted to raisins, which is another post entirely. Things I hated as a child, because either my mom poor concocted them, my grandmother forced me to eat them (and when I refused, would microwave it for breakfast, whatever “it” happened to be), or using poor quality ingredients. Anyway, here’s to keeping my fingers crossed. In the meantime, I am going to do some yoga.


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