do the right thing

19 Nov

I spent my afternoon boxing food for individuals and families in need at the local food shelf. It was a mad house, we packaged 88 orders for those needing food. I mostly filled orders, and had no real interaction with the people requesting assistance, but I still felt some sort of compassion and empathy for the people who entered the doors. The largest order was for a family of 9, we had plenty of families of six, and many smaller ones. This organization has an awesome atmosphere, and allows those requesting service to specify items they are looking for, or special diet requests: eliminating pork for muslims, extra beans and carbohydrates for vegetarians. We had plenty of fresh fruit to give out too, which made me really happy. Most of the food people have donated is really processed and lacking in nutrients, but I suppose if you are really hungry anything will do. Whenever we get a leg up on our financial situation, I hope to donate items that are nutritionally balanced and minimally processed. I packaged lots of hot dogs, mac and cheese, and cream of so-and-so soups. Oh, and if you are thinking of donating to your local food shelf this holiday, be aware that they need other items besides food. We ran out of laundry detergent, which people were really requesting. Also, it seems that people desire coffee too, and so some nice tasty coffee might put an extra smile on someone’s face and brighten their day.

I am going to continue doing this on Tuesday afternoons, but for right now it will be more often because they can use the help.


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