happiness is french onion soup

6 Dec

I am making a vegetarian (not vegan, but could easily be veganized using Earth Balance and a soy/rice cheeze) french onion soup. It is amazingly delicious. Here’s the method, souper good soup (get it..get it..soup.. ah, i kid i kid)

  • 4 large red onions sliced thin
  • 3 TB butter
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 2 TB Maker’s or other Bourbon
  • 4 cups mushroom broth. I’ve modified Ming Tsai’s. But you could use Pacific Brand too.
  • splash of brown ale (Winter Ale from Anchorsteam is what we used).
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 fresh rosemary sprig
  • 1/2 tsp dried thyme
  • for the topping:
  • slices of french bread toasted until hard and crusty.
  • slices of gruyere or swiss.

Melt the butter in a heavy bottomed large pan (we used our dutch oven). Turn up the heat slightly, and add the onions. sautee for a few minutes, until begin to wilt, add the salt and sugar. continue sauteeing and stirring often until the onions turn a deep purple color and are completely carmelized. Once they are completely carmelized add the broth, thyme, and whole rosemary sprig. turn the heat up, add the bourbon and adjust for salt..add the pepper, and splash of beer. Once the beer has cooked off, ladle into oven safe bowls, top with croutons and cheese. Melt under broiler, until cheese is slightly browned and bubbly. This took about two hours from start until finished. If you have to make the stock, it will obviously take longer, but we almost always have some on hand..


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