holiday food…again

30 Dec

We went to a friend’s potluck on the 26th, I brought the chickpea and tahini casserole. I think it needed more moisture, but it was good. We arrived rather late, so not much of it was eaten. However, my friend brought jamaican veggie patties which have been a huge hit both years. Those were gobbled up, and have now become famous. We were thinking of doing a potluck here in Minnesota, and I think I might make them for that.

I am making butternut squash soup, and so far it tastes delicious. I added a splash of balsamic vinegar to diced carrots, onions, garlic and the squash while cooking it in butter and olive oil. I added veggie stock, fresh thyme, sage and rosemary, a dried bay leaf, salt and pepper, and then let it simmer until the squash was tender. I also added about a 1/4 cup of an IPA I was drinking. Then I pureed it, added about a tablespoon of cream, a tablespoon of gorgonzola and a splash of sherry. Seriously the easiest soup that I have ever made.

Now that that’s done, I am thinking of making a batch of seitan to have on hand. I’d like to make buffalo gals again, because they were easy and mighty tasty. I want more recipes with seitan in them, any suggestions or good cookbooks? I raided my mom’s pantry while visiting taking lots and lots of her home canned tomatoes from her garden. They were delicious in the summer, and I am sure will make perfect soups, stews, and sauces. I want to make an African Kale style soup, any suggestions for recipes?

I finished the cowl I made, it was just a simple 1X1 rib with a beautiful lightweight alpaca yarn, but I got plenty of compliments on it. I am almost done with another in a deep blue aran weight yarn, but I’ve added a few bobbles (a newly learned decorative stitch!)…I was planning to give it away, but I might keep it for myself. Now I am on to dpns…any tips for a clumsy knitter? I want to make a pair of mittens, but am rather intimidated.


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