bbq tempeh sandwiches

7 Jan

The other night I made bbq tempeh sandwiches. img_2228 I used a package of garden vegetable tempeh, slicing it into thin strips and baked in a 400 degree oven for about 45 minutes covered in tin foil. I made my own bbq sauce consisting of: olive oil, tomato sauce, ketchup, thyme, molasses, maple syrup, brown sugar, crushed red pepper flakes, tobasco, liquid smoke, diced onion, smoked paprika, ancho chili powder, soy sauce, and salt and pepper. I don’t have measurements for what I made, because I just went with taste. I covered them completely in the sauce. They turned out incredibly well. I served them on buns with home-made cole slaw, diced onion, and pickles. I have really been wanting something bbqish for a while now, and had some tempeh in my fridge that I did not know what to do with..I will never be afraid of tempeh again!


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