i just might have the cutest kitty in the world

8 Jan

My cat Lola has always had a playful and often mischievous personality, but yesterday she was especially so. I found her tucked behind a curtain, behind the Christmas tree (we usually do not take it down for a long while after the holidays, as it warms up the place) eating a candy cane. She had stolen one from the tree, and was lapping it up in pure kitty delight. When she noticed me staring at her, she gave me the “uh-oh” kitty big eyes. I took it away from her, and she immediately seemed disheartened. Fast forward a couple of hours as we had both just fallen asleep in bed. She jumps from the top of a cubed bookshelf a couple of feet away from the bed, onto our bed with a very ungraceful thump. Immediately we are startled, but erupt into a fit of giggles. It is like she can sense when we have just fallen asleep, and enjoys waking us. I probably should have played with her a little bit more before we went to sleep, but it was already ridiculously late. Her favorite game is to play hide and seek, and she particularly likes it when you startle her. Her back arches, and she side steps in a sideways snake-like motion. Not to be all “cat lady”, but she has added a lot of fun and love into our lives. The song “Wop a Din Din” by the Red House Painters speaks of this love perfectly..


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