summer time, like the fresh prince

17 May

The school year is done, and I received 3 A’s and 1 B. The B was in a political science course that was heavily statistics based; at least now I feel confident interpreting data in social science-based scholarly journals. I still need to find a job, but I have not really been looking. There was a short period of time where I just got really discouraged, depressed, and all sorts of anxious, so I did not really do anything about it. My moods have brightened, and tomorrow I am starting the process all over again. The next two weeks are going to be filled with research and my study for my major project. Tomorrow morning I begin with my first subject, and I am a little nervous about being as professional as possible. I really want this to be an example of my capabilities as a marker to show what I’ve accomplished in my undergraduate career. It’d be nice to use it as a showpiece when applying for graduate schools in the fall. When I finally get a job, I will set up a date for the GRE. I’ve requested study materials through inter-library loan, because my library’s copies are missing. I am mostly nervous about the mathematics portion, so I will be really brushing up on that.

As for the cooking, we been eating a lot of simple foods, that are nourishing but inexpensive. We scored some really fabulous priced organic imported cheese from Holland, which ended up being around 4 dollars a pound. We’ve used it in plenty of things, and still have the two variations around. Apparently, we got a really good deal because the same product is available for like 20 dollars a pound at other institutions. Right now I have a pot of beans simmering along with another pot of wheat berries, which I am going to use both in a chili. If it turns out I will post the recipe. After this, I want to make a tater-tot casserole either with crumbled tempeh, tvp, or grillers. Oh, and I forgot that I checked out Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry from my school’s library. It has made me rethink my aversion to cornmeal, grits, and polenta!

I’ve managed to stay active even though school has been out for one week and I haven’t found job. After going to subject #1’s house to begin the project, I am going to apply at about ten locations. Wish me luck! In other news, I am committed to catching up not only on some academic reading (for my project in nutritional anthropology) but also on for-fun reading. I am currently reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It is my first book by the author, and even though it is stark, grim, and demonstrates humanities capacity for destruction, it also speaks to the bonds of love, and a slight hopefulness in a post-apocalyptic America. If there are any followers of this blog left, would anyone like to participate in an online sort of reading club? I think it could be fun..


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