times are a changing

24 May

This blog has been quite sparse for a long while now, and at some point maybe I will regain some motivation to breathe some new life into it. I used to maintain a domain of the same name, and would redesign it all the time. I wrote about EVERYTHING in my life, but now I can barely find words. Oh, how the internet has changed! Now we have twitter, facebook, and all these programs that make our life constantly connected to others. When I first started making websites in 1997(?), people used IRC, AIM, and message boards. While these still exist, the personal website has changed immensely and so have our tools for connecting with others. I used to make graphics in my sleep, code all the time, but now I just use templates and cannot be bothered to code anything. The first site I had was up at AOL, containing bad angsty poetry and a diary of sorts and had no images as I had no scanner nor camera. I believe the second was probably a tripod site, then I moved to altern.org, mailsync.org, another one of these that i cannot remember, to ohsovery.org, then to plopfizz.org. Do any of you remember the whole hosting your friends thing that was big during this time? Like one person would register and maintain a domain, and then their friends (who appeared to mostly be internet friends) would have sites on their domains. It probably still happens, but the whole domain thing is really changing too. Personal sites are no longer the same, they used to be like electronic versions of personal zines, and now they are just constant updates of that person’s life. I guess I kind of miss those old days.


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