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october unprocessed

12 Oct

So, I was the 250th person to take the pledge to consume no processed foods for the month of October. So far, it has been coming along swimmingly, with only minor setbacks. Let’s see if I can remember what I’ve eaten:

lots of salads with loads of nutritious greens, nuts, veggies, and seeds.

autumnal chili which has also been repurposed into taco salads

pizzas made from teff and amarynth flours

vegetable sandwiches on ezekial bread (i allowed myself this luxury, as it is nutritious)

amazing french onion soup

whole wheat pastas with various sauces

eggs poached in salsa verde with a mushroom quesadilla on a corn tortilla

palaak paneer with home-made paneer

tomato tofu

mushroom stroganoff over fragrant brown rice

it’s been really fun, challenging and rewarding. I have taken away a deep intention and appreciation for food, that was always there, but has been renewed! Everything I consume has an intention and a purpose, rather than just eating whatever is in front of me or that i have access to.