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the latest sensation: brussel sprouts

26 Jan

We seriously eat brussel sprouts almost weekly, we just love them! Only fresh ones will do for us, and luckily a local grocery store has them frequently in stock. Perfectly shaped little bundles of joy, they are! Is it a little creepy that I now think of little baby heads whenever I look at them (Cabbage Patch Kids).

On tonight’s menu brussel sprouts sautéed in a wee bit of olive oil until they get a delicate little crust on them. Then we always use the tongs tediously turning them over onto the rounded side and cover. One must be careful not to over-cook, as they are best with a bit of crunch. We are also having Gardein Multigrain Tenders which I tossed with wing sauce.


this is the year.

24 Jan

2011 is going to be a great year, I can feel it. I have taken some big steps in a much healthier direction–I am eating so much better, working out at least six days a week, and cutting out the negative! Each moment that I spend with others is because I enjoy their company; no more obligatory social time, each minute of my life is now spent with intention. Finally. When I moved back to Rapid City, I was feeling a bit shell-shocked, and needed a serious breather. In short, I had a bit of a Single White Female experience, which left me so emotionally drained and stressed. I won’t go into details, but I really had to get the eff out there! While, I miss plenty of my friends, I have reconnected with olds ones, and am much happier in my relationship with Court. We get along swimmingly, and could not be in a better place! Again, finally. A lot of what last year boiled down to was priorities, I was trying to keep everything together for the ex-roommate, that I never really let myself breathe. Enough about that, I am just in a really great place now: emotionally, physically, and mentally. Ready for the next chapter in my life!