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the morning benders are like, woah!

3 Feb

This blog will also feature music videos and songs by artists that i adore. You can also expect to find random links to funny, interesting, etc sites. I want this space to be more of a place for me to show not just what I am eating, but to showcase random things that I am into. I registered a domain, and am going to be working on a total redesign like back in the day! Here goes nothin’.
i love the morning benders, these boys make sweet sounds.

“Promises” Morning Benders from Foundation Content on Vimeo.



1 Feb

When I was in elementary school, my mother had a really awesome habit of dating strange men. Actually, she still has that habit, but now she is married. Apparently this one stuck, but that is after the time she went into the mental institution and came ome with a husband. Whatever. She dated this incredibly creepy man named, Jerry, who would buy her outrageous gold jewelry. I knew he was a flake before I ever actually saw his house, which is really what this post is about, because he had those glasses that were sort of like perma-sunglasses…the kind that were always slightly tinted a greyish-purple, so that they hid his eyes. Never trust anyone with them, just like you shouldn’t trust an adult with braces. That’s another post in itself.

So, Jerry was a creep, big time! He lived in the country, in the woods, in a great big house. The house was a bit larger than any other house I’d ever been in, but thinking about it now, it might not have been that big. We were poor white trash, after all. His house was nice enough upstairs, but go down the stairs into the basement, and one enters a taxidermied wonderland. Mostly there were jackelopes, and smelled of weird fur pelts and turpentine. The dude made his seemingly vast fortune (as witnessed by mother’s gaudy gold jewelry he bedazzled her with) by manufacturing jackelopes. For those of you unawares, jackelopes are rabbits with horns usually mounted on a plaque made of pine. It’s a black hills thing, you might not understand.

If you ever wanted to learn, I could probably show you how. They really are just styrofoam molds with some cheap fur stapled onto them and glass eyes inserted. The horns usually come from local deer, but those could easily be fake, too. Jerry enlisted my family in his bizarre business and paid children (my brother, sister, and I) pennies for each one we made–slave driver then turned around and sold them for like twenty dollars at tourist traps. And that was how I had a great career in making jackelpes. But you best not tell anyone, because we like to fool people into thinking that during hunting season, you can lure ’em out with bourbon and bologne. So, that was my first job, aged eight. Second job aged ten, but we will save that for another day too.

Of course, they eventually broke up, but she kept the jewelry. We ran into him at a restaurant some time after, and she was dramatic as she always is. Mother has a knack for causing scenes and making others uncomfortable. It really is endearing.

times are a changing

24 May

This blog has been quite sparse for a long while now, and at some point maybe I will regain some motivation to breathe some new life into it. I used to maintain a domain of the same name, and would redesign it all the time. I wrote about EVERYTHING in my life, but now I can barely find words. Oh, how the internet has changed! Now we have twitter, facebook, and all these programs that make our life constantly connected to others. When I first started making websites in 1997(?), people used IRC, AIM, and message boards. While these still exist, the personal website has changed immensely and so have our tools for connecting with others. I used to make graphics in my sleep, code all the time, but now I just use templates and cannot be bothered to code anything. The first site I had was up at AOL, containing bad angsty poetry and a diary of sorts and had no images as I had no scanner nor camera. I believe the second was probably a tripod site, then I moved to,, another one of these that i cannot remember, to, then to Do any of you remember the whole hosting your friends thing that was big during this time? Like one person would register and maintain a domain, and then their friends (who appeared to mostly be internet friends) would have sites on their domains. It probably still happens, but the whole domain thing is really changing too. Personal sites are no longer the same, they used to be like electronic versions of personal zines, and now they are just constant updates of that person’s life. I guess I kind of miss those old days.

summer time, like the fresh prince

17 May

The school year is done, and I received 3 A’s and 1 B. The B was in a political science course that was heavily statistics based; at least now I feel confident interpreting data in social science-based scholarly journals. I still need to find a job, but I have not really been looking. There was a short period of time where I just got really discouraged, depressed, and all sorts of anxious, so I did not really do anything about it. My moods have brightened, and tomorrow I am starting the process all over again. The next two weeks are going to be filled with research and my study for my major project. Tomorrow morning I begin with my first subject, and I am a little nervous about being as professional as possible. I really want this to be an example of my capabilities as a marker to show what I’ve accomplished in my undergraduate career. It’d be nice to use it as a showpiece when applying for graduate schools in the fall. When I finally get a job, I will set up a date for the GRE. I’ve requested study materials through inter-library loan, because my library’s copies are missing. I am mostly nervous about the mathematics portion, so I will be really brushing up on that.

As for the cooking, we been eating a lot of simple foods, that are nourishing but inexpensive. We scored some really fabulous priced organic imported cheese from Holland, which ended up being around 4 dollars a pound. We’ve used it in plenty of things, and still have the two variations around. Apparently, we got a really good deal because the same product is available for like 20 dollars a pound at other institutions. Right now I have a pot of beans simmering along with another pot of wheat berries, which I am going to use both in a chili. If it turns out I will post the recipe. After this, I want to make a tater-tot casserole either with crumbled tempeh, tvp, or grillers. Oh, and I forgot that I checked out Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry from my school’s library. It has made me rethink my aversion to cornmeal, grits, and polenta!

I’ve managed to stay active even though school has been out for one week and I haven’t found job. After going to subject #1’s house to begin the project, I am going to apply at about ten locations. Wish me luck! In other news, I am committed to catching up not only on some academic reading (for my project in nutritional anthropology) but also on for-fun reading. I am currently reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It is my first book by the author, and even though it is stark, grim, and demonstrates humanities capacity for destruction, it also speaks to the bonds of love, and a slight hopefulness in a post-apocalyptic America. If there are any followers of this blog left, would anyone like to participate in an online sort of reading club? I think it could be fun..

celebrating the end of a national nightmare

19 Jan

I am drinking a Summit Winter Ale anticipating tomorrow, when we will no longer have President Bush, but President Obama! Here is to a greater America, in which we can accomplish greatness. Because I am celebrating the end of the Bush-era, I wanted to paint my toenails, so I searched for my blue nail polish. Instead of finding my blue nail polish, I found the social security card of a man who died in my old apartment….that’s what this post really is about..

So, in February of last year, I moved out of my place with Court because I needed space and time to think about where our relationship was headed, etc, etc..I am living with him again, in our tiny one bedroom and our adorable kitty. Anyway, I moved into another tiny one bedroom, which was oh-so-cute, but had a little bit of trauma unbeknown to me. Apparently the previous resident was bi-polar who had violent outbreaks and had recently gone off of the medication. Well, one night he broke into the upstairs apartment which then had three girls living in it–and hid naked until they came home. He attempted to rape one of them, and attacked her so badly she had to be hospitalized for her injuries. Fortunate for her, her room mate was able to call the police…well, long story short, the police ended up shooting and killing him. The girls moved out. I moved into his apartment, and found his social security card along with some ‘blood’ stained walls in the kitchen which are below where he was shot. I always felt a little off at the place, and then I found that out about halfway through my living there. That would really only happen to me.