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Music Wednesday…

16 Feb

I have loved Mark Kozelek for 13 years, it is crazy how huge of a fan I am. Borderline creepy. This song qualifies in the top ten of my all-time favorites.
Don’t you just love his voice? He’s so lovely. Okay, I am being creepy, aren’t I?


favorite songs/albums of all time:

3 Feb

Music has always been paramount in my life, I started listening to punkrock when I was 11 and went to my first show at 12. Throughout high school, I probably went to anywhere from 3-5 shows a week. The whole punk rock lifestyle and “scene” (as corny as this sounds) saved my life; it rescued me from a deep depression and still means so much to me. I might not listen to much hardcore, snotty grimy punkrock anymore, but I still love those friendships that were forged during my youth. I will continue to add to this post, because this is in noway comprehensive. So, here are some of my favorite songs in no particular order:

I first heard this Bon Iver album in 2007 and it still really, really, speaks to me. It chills me every time I listen to it. It is so unreal.

I was 16 when I bought the way birds fly by Project Kate, and was spending a summer in Kansas City away from home. I would dance around in my makeshift bedroom listening to this on the record player. It is so sweet, so sincere, and made sixteen and seventeen easier.

I am a huge fan of soul and Otis Redding’s ability to portray heartache is overwhelming.

Another teenage obsession still speaking to me, by Sleater-Kinney.. I was totally into all kill rock stars bands and played this along with Bikini Kill, Team Dresch, Heavens to Betsy, etc on my weekly radio show. Yeah, I was that girl.

R.E.M reminds me of summer, this song especially. There is something so freeing about nightswimming.

the morning benders are like, woah!

3 Feb

This blog will also feature music videos and songs by artists that i adore. You can also expect to find random links to funny, interesting, etc sites. I want this space to be more of a place for me to show not just what I am eating, but to showcase random things that I am into. I registered a domain, and am going to be working on a total redesign like back in the day! Here goes nothin’.
i love the morning benders, these boys make sweet sounds.

“Promises” Morning Benders from Foundation Content on Vimeo.