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celebrating the end of a national nightmare

19 Jan

I am drinking a Summit Winter Ale anticipating tomorrow, when we will no longer have President Bush, but President Obama! Here is to a greater America, in which we can accomplish greatness. Because I am celebrating the end of the Bush-era, I wanted to paint my toenails, so I searched for my blue nail polish. Instead of finding my blue nail polish, I found the social security card of a man who died in my old apartment….that’s what this post really is about..

So, in February of last year, I moved out of my place with Court because I needed space and time to think about where our relationship was headed, etc, etc..I am living with him again, in our tiny one bedroom and our adorable kitty. Anyway, I moved into another tiny one bedroom, which was oh-so-cute, but had a little bit of trauma unbeknown to me. Apparently the previous resident was bi-polar who had violent outbreaks and had recently gone off of the medication. Well, one night he broke into the upstairs apartment which then had three girls living in it–and hid naked until they came home. He attempted to rape one of them, and attacked her so badly she had to be hospitalized for her injuries. Fortunate for her, her room mate was able to call the police…well, long story short, the police ended up shooting and killing him. The girls moved out. I moved into his apartment, and found his social security card along with some ‘blood’ stained walls in the kitchen which are below where he was shot. I always felt a little off at the place, and then I found that out about halfway through my living there. That would really only happen to me.


do the right thing

19 Nov

I spent my afternoon boxing food for individuals and families in need at the local food shelf. It was a mad house, we packaged 88 orders for those needing food. I mostly filled orders, and had no real interaction with the people requesting assistance, but I still felt some sort of compassion and empathy for the people who entered the doors. The largest order was for a family of 9, we had plenty of families of six, and many smaller ones. This organization has an awesome atmosphere, and allows those requesting service to specify items they are looking for, or special diet requests: eliminating pork for muslims, extra beans and carbohydrates for vegetarians. We had plenty of fresh fruit to give out too, which made me really happy. Most of the food people have donated is really processed and lacking in nutrients, but I suppose if you are really hungry anything will do. Whenever we get a leg up on our financial situation, I hope to donate items that are nutritionally balanced and minimally processed. I packaged lots of hot dogs, mac and cheese, and cream of so-and-so soups. Oh, and if you are thinking of donating to your local food shelf this holiday, be aware that they need other items besides food. We ran out of laundry detergent, which people were really requesting. Also, it seems that people desire coffee too, and so some nice tasty coffee might put an extra smile on someone’s face and brighten their day.

I am going to continue doing this on Tuesday afternoons, but for right now it will be more often because they can use the help.

Right Wing Grab FAIL

4 Nov

MSNBC just stated that the abortion ban in my home state of South Dakota has failed!!! I cannot express how excited I am about this; holy hell, maybe my homeland is moving in the right direction, after all.

suddenly, i feel sick

4 Nov

I don’t know why, but all the sudden I started to feel really nervous about the election. I mean, I have always been a little weary until the two months about the election. Even though I feel Obama is going to win, I am having a hard time convincing myself that tomorrow will be a new day. Maybe it is because of how horrific the last 8 years have been under the Bush administration, that I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will be glued to my computer until I know for sure, I cannot express how devastated I will be if things move towards the wrong direction…

Did ya’ll see Tom Delay speaking on MSNBC about how if the Democrats pick up enough seats that it would deteriorate our economy because they would be able to push through all sorts of acts including a doubling of the current minimum wage? Oh wait, like the past eight years have been so awesome for our economy? The past eight years have been incredibly awful in terms of growth, unless you count the boom and bust housing industry…but really our economy has really been a roller coaster ride over the past eights years of ups and downs, but mostly downs…What do you think?

november, when did that happen?

2 Nov

Where did October go? It flew by incredibly fast. I only have five more weeks of the semester, and I need to get a leg up on my project if I intend to finish it by the end of the school year. I am conducting a study on the foods people aged 25-35 eat, and doing a nutritional anaylys and historical comparison to other generations. I am also looking at the advent of the processed foods inudstry, but more from an anthropological perspective using theories and methodologies from the discipline to critique. This will be a culmination of my work in the department and *fingers crossed* benefit my graduate school application.

Halloween was fun, but fairly uneventful. My friends had a costume party, and I dressed up as a 60’s flight attendent. Thankfully, no one was was the slutty-anything, because it gets tired real fast. I think you can take any sort of occupation, and put trampy next to it and voila it is Halloween for 20 somethings. Played out, if you ask me.

In other news, we are dog sitting for the week. The cat has finally warmed up to him, as much as I expect her to. They have sniffed each other, and find each other worth ignoring. She’s been around other dogs before, but never in her own home. I think that is what is causing her to react so nastily towards him, but she’s easing up. We have him until Sunday, and I am expecting to find them sleeping together when no one is paying attention.

Tuesday is coming fast, and Wednesday I intend to feel much better about the shape of things to come. What about you? Can you feel change in the air? Or maybe thats just the disgusting news that the Bush administration is trying to de-regulate industry even further with <a href=”; target=”new”90 new rules</a>. Yeah, the environment so loves the Bush Administration. Good god, Tuesday cannot come soon enough!

i might be out on a limb here

23 Oct

But have any of you noticed Palin’s change in accent when she is in certain situations? It seems that when she is speaking directly to the public, her accent is extremely pronounced “since like the second ger-ade.” or when she is being interviewed by Brian Williams…btw, what was up with that? Body language, do they EVEN like each other? Anyway, her accent seems phoney and played up when she wants to sound all “folksy”, whatever that means. I guess, I am one of those real Americans in part because I am from a smallish town, but I live in a blue state and have really liberal values. So, what does that make me? A halfsie American..where does my other citizenship lie, Palin? I’d like to know.

And speaking of limb, (warning, low blow) are McCain’s arms shorter than McConaughey’s?

My Mother is a Public Enemy song.

23 Oct

My mother has always been a staunch supporter of workers rights, and has been actively involved in her union for many years. She also is very pro-choice, and in support of providing (equal) health care for women including contraception. Her middle class values are very lock and step with someone who should support Obama, but she is afraid of the other. This time the other is “black men”. We talked on the phone today for a brief time about the election, before she started screaming, crying, and eventually hung up on me. We’ve never had disagreements about politics in the past, except when I stated that I like Kucinich, and she thought he was a just a little too left. Or maybe those years when I was vegan in high school, or maybe that other time when I brought home minority friends…but other than THAT we agree on most things. So, I’ve always known that she has racist ideology, but I did not realize that she cast a vote for someone who is so counter-productive to everything she stands for. I would rather she just stayed home. Everything she said about Obama was fundamentally wrong, so blantantly fueled by the fear machine that is Fox News and O’reilly.  I still love my mother, but I fear for her sanity.