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happy new years!

2 Jan

Holy crap, I cannot believe it is 2009 already. I remember in elementary school when the year 2000 seemed so futuristic; we did drawings all the time which included flying cars. Hah. Flying cars? We cannot even break away from the combustion engine, like that will ever be light enough to levitate. Anyway, it is the year 2009. How soon do you think it will be when people finally say “twenty oh nine” or “twenty ten” instead of “two thousand”? I will make it my personal mission this year to say “twenty oh”, anyone else with me?

Some of my goals for the new year are:

  • Apply to graduate schools.
  • cook at home more
  • continue exercising regularly
  • improve my gpa from 3.6 to 3.75
  • kick ass on the gre
  • have friends over more
  • .